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Create. Build. Manage.

"Create. Build. Manage." is a successful business show entering its third season. Hosted by veteran TV anchor Kelli Phillips, the show features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and seasoned executives about starting, operating and growing their business.

Create, Build and Manage are the 3 stages of any successful company. This show provides tools that every entrepreneur can add to their toolbox, and features interviews with business leaders discussing their products, services, and achieving long-term success.

The Business Of...

"The Business Of..." is a new show focusing on dynamic, successful businesses with interesting backstories, “The Business Of...” is a highly selective BizTV half-hour show that debuts in 2024.

Each episode will highlight a service, business, headquarters or facility for an in-depth interview with the principal team members. This puts the focus on the business and what makes it unique—an ideal opportunity to convey the company’s differentiators and value proposition for its goods and services.


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