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BizTV features compelling, fast-paced programs about Marketing, Technology, Investment and Business Innovations in addition to Talk, Reality, Culture and Travel shows.

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Weeknights 9 pm ET/PT, Weekdays 1 pm ET, Saturday 4pm ET

Real business talk for the rest of us. Meet two very funny guys who happen to be in the business of personal finance and investing with an unmatched ability to deliver bar room style conversation with a business flair.

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The Ramsey Show

Weeknights 10pm ET/PT, Weekdays 2 pm ET

Real talk about life and money from America's trusted money expert! Millions watch and listen to The Ramsey Show every day for common-sense talk on money. People are also tuning in to hear real callers share real stories about their lives and families. The Ramsey Show airs weeknights at 10:00 pm ET/PT on BizTV.

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The Jet Set

Saturday 8:30pm ET

The Jet Set offers viewers a weekly dose of travel news, lifestyle trends, inspiration, interesting and informative guests and destination features shot on-location.

The show is hosted by former flight attendant and television travel expert Bobby Laurie along with health and wellness expert and Mom, Nikki Noya.

The Hunt with Trish Hunt

Saturdays 5pm ET

The Hunt is a show where lifestyle meets business meets the world around us. A program from the lens of Trish Hunt, a seasoned change leader and grizzled corporate veteran that spends her non-corporate time on the hunt for positive, inspired stories. Enter the world of The Hunt and prepare to laugh, to cry, to be moved, and to be better.

Financial Issues With Shana Burt

Weekdays 9 am & 3 pm ET

Financial Issues is a live call-in program, focusing on financial stewardship. Hosted by financial advisor Shana Burt, the show educates viewers about the economy, markets, and investments from a biblical perspective.


Monday 8:30pm ET/PT, Saturday 8:30pm ET

On The Playbook you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what,” “why,” and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.


Weekdays 7pm ET, Thursday 8pm ET/PT

Meet The Drapers is a groundbreaking reality show in Silicon Valley where the viewers get to decide the next big idea in tech. The legendary Draper family meets the world’s hottest new entrepreneurs, on the hunt for the next billion dollar idea.

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Wednesday 8pm ET/PT, Saturday 7pm and Sunday 11 pm ET

Watch what happens when a 60-second pitch can make or break a business. A new pitch show from Entrepreneur where you could be a part of the next million-dollar idea. Real investors. Real entrepreneurs. And YOU!

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Saturday 9 pm & 11 pm ET

Join Kevin McCullough for an irreverent look and humorous take on the biggest headlines of the day.


Weekdays 12 pm ET

Sportswrap with Jason Page is timely sports wrap-up show with expert commentary and highlights hosted by longtime NBC Sports and ESPN Radio host Jason Page.

Adopting a Negotiator Mindset with Susie Tomenchok

Thursday 8:00 am ET

Negotiation expert Susie Tomenchok shows you how to tap into the powerful mindset of professional negotiators. This show isn't just about salary talks and contracts – it's about reclaiming control, increasing confidence, clearly framing your needs, and securing wins in every aspect of your life.

Jobs Of Tomorrow

Tuesday 8:30 pm ET/PT and Sunday 10:30 pm ET

Every day, new innovations are released into the market that impact the work we do and how we do it. “Jobs of Tomorrow” takes a closer look at the modernization and change-makers who are shaping the future of work and the workforce that will never be the same.

The Tech Show

Friday 8:00 pm ET/PT and Weekdays 11:30 am ET

THE TECH SHOW is a first of it’s kind technology themed lifestyle television show. Designed to keep pace with the experienced, novice user and sporadic user, THE TECH SHOW will entertain and inform viewers with the latest tech news, gadgets, gizmos, video games, apps and advancements.

Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz

Sunday 5:00 pm ET

The “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz” features interviews with celebrities, entertainers, athletes and cultural entertainers. Guests on the show have included: Shaquille O’Neal, Ice-T, Alison Brie, Johnny Knoxville, David Duchovny, Lake Bell, Emma Roberts, Method Man, Mary J. Blige, Danica Patrick, Joel McHale, UB40, Jane Seymour, Judy Greer, Kenny Loggins, Thomas Jane, Sammy Hagar, Joe Mantegna, and The Fraggles.


Monday 8:30 am ET, Sunday 1 pm ET

BTV- Business Television, a half-hour weekly investment news program, profiles emerging companies across the country to bring investors information for their portfolio. With co-hosts, Taylor Thoen and Jessica Katrichak, BTV interviews experts, top analysts, plus features companies at their location for an insightful business perspective. BTV and CEO Clips have interviewed more than 2,000 dynamic CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders giving investors insight for their portfolio.


Weekdays 12 pm ET, Wednesday 8 am ET, and Sunday 6pm ET

C-Suite TV is your go-to resource to discover the inside track on trends and discussions taking place in businesses today, featuring interviews with business executives, thought leaders, authors and celebrities.

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Transformative CEOs

Tuesday 8pm ET/PT, Sunday 10pm ET

Exploring what makes a CEO truly transformative through conversations that focus on hiring for the jobs of the future, rewarding talent, recovering from failures, and pivoting a business through tough times.

Daily Flash

Weekdays 7am and 5pm ET

Daily Flash is a daily, live, upbeat, fun take on today’s news, entertainment, social media trends, and fresh talk! From pop culture, beauty, health, wealth, and fun, you can count on us every weekday morning to deliver news, weather, and the latest social media and entertainment trends.

Coffee With America

Monday 8am ET, Saturday 7:30am ET

Coffee with America is a weekly TV show that will bring you up to speed on what’s brewing in news, social media and pop culture — without the caffeine crash. Fun, fast-paced and interactive, consider us a new part of your daily grind. The best part? No rings on the coffee table! Coffee with America is hosted by Sasha Rionda, a multilingual correspondent perhaps most recognized for hosting CNN International’s The Music Room. She’s interviewed top recording artists including Britney Spears, Usher and Moby.

The Suki and Scott Show

Tuesday-Saturday 4:30am, Sunday 5:30pm ET

We’ll Give You Something To Laugh About! Popular, Emmy award-winning, former New York Morning Show Co-Hosts, Suki Krishnan and Scott Stanford welcome in celebrity guests, entertaining performers and influencers from all 4 corners of the globe!


Friday 8:00 pm ET/PT, Sunday 4:00 pm ET

“Small Town Big Deal” tells the stories of innovation, tradition and success that are happening in rural places. Episodes cover small-town residents having an impact on others through their actions and notable businesses.


Sunday 4:30 pm, Thursday 3:30 am ET

For two decades, Laura McKenzie has become known as one of the nation’s top travel correspondents, reporting for notable TV and radio shows across the country. Now on her own show, McKenzie travels to first-class destinations around the world to bring those far-off destinations to viewers in their own living rooms. From China’s Forbidden City to New Orleans, McKenzie showcases exciting features from each location she visits.


Sunday 10am ET

Coop Dreams, the only major network television show devoted to keeping chickens, follows the homesteading adventures of Brad and his entertaining cast of chickens and goats.


Sunday 7:00 pm ET, Monday 6:30 am ET

Audrey Adams, former corporate executive with Essence magazine, talks to her guests about lifestyle topics that are entertaining, inspiring and motivating. Thanks to her experiences in the modeling, fashion, publishing and multi-media industries…Audrey presents issues that impact diverse lifestyles. Each week the show will feature a new topic and guests from the cosmetic, health, fitness, financial, entertainment or travel industry. TALK! with AUDREY provides fresh perspectives that inspire viewers to improve the quality of their lives!

Create. Build. Manage.

Monday 8pm ET/PT, Saturday 8pm ET

The “Create. Build. Manage.” show features interviews with successful entrepreneurs about starting a business, creating profits and achieving long-term success.

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Saturday 3 pm ET

Join Gary Leland for a high energy conversation about Bitcoin.


Sunday 9:30am ET

Steel Dreams is the weekly half-hour TV series that launched today’s popular motor sports programming with unprecedented border-to-border & coast-to-coast coverage of exciting races, speed events & big shows.


Saturday 3:30 am and Sunday 11:30 am ET

Hiring America provides valuable resources and information for new and seasoned veterans moving from the service into the workforce, or seeking to build their careers. All this information, and even more insight and direct company connections, will also be available on our website, Your training, your skills, your work ethic, and most of all, your leadership are important and unrivaled, and America’s companies know it.