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Why start a podcast for your business?

Find a new audience. Earn extra income. Build a strong brand foundation.

Entrepreneur Magazine writes there are three reasons why you should consider podcasts for your business. “Hosting a podcast can help you both find a new audience and keep it engaged over time… It’s also a fantastic way to make some extra cash…(and) It’s a legitimate means to build stronger brand foundation among those who aren’t familiar with your organization.”

Rieva Lesonsky writes for the Small Business Administration, “More than 30 million Americans listen to podcasts each month and 21.9 million do so each week. Weekly listeners listen to an average of seven podcasts per week; 80 percent of them listen to all or most of the podcasts they start. With such high levels of engagement, podcasts are an ideal medium for savvy entrepreneurs to promote their businesses.”


Why choose us

There are a lot of companies that will help you podcast. Where BizTalkRadio is unique is that we produce your podcasts like we produce our radio shows. So you have a producer who handles all of the guest connections and phone calls. We are also unique in that we coach our members on how to produce the perfect podcast. Finally, when you podcast with BizTalk you are a part of a larger eco system. As your podcast grows we can work with you to take your content to the next level. That could be radio or even TV!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started getting your results. Click on the contact us link and one of our team members will be in touch with to explain how we can help you start a podcast and bring in more revenue for your company.