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As the rockets return, Florida’s Space Coast is ready for the economy to take off, too

With private companies racing into space, the once-sacrosanct stretch of Florida coast is experiencing a new and surprising revival.

Your dog’s puffy vest is about to get more expensive — along with thousands of other items hit by new tariffs

Across the country, companies and retailers are preparing to raise prices by about 20 percent to offset the newest tax on Chinese-made goods.

The best way to test wireless ear buds is to have Sammy Hagar headbang with them

The biggest problem with wireless ear buds like AirPods is getting them to stay on your ears. Which can pass our test?

More CEOs were forced out for ethical lapses in 2018 than poor financial performance

A new study found that turnover rate among top executives hit a record high -- and that improper conduct was behind more forced departures than any other reason.

More male managers avoid mentoring women or meeting alone with them

A survey shows that more men are uncomfortable with one-on-one workplace activities with women. And amid all Facebook's issues, Sheryl Sandberg has something to say about it.

Don’t keep debt around like it’s a Pet Rock

For many people, their debt has matured into a faithful companion that has been hanging around for years. Here are some things to consider before raiding your emergency fund to get rid of debt.

Ethiopian Airlines pushes back on criticism, says pilots followed emergency procedures before March crash

Airline officials said FAA chief Daniel Elwell’s attempt this week to place some of the responsibility for a deadly March crash on their pilots’ actions was an attempt to “divert public attention” from problems with the flight control system on Boeing’s 737 Max jets.

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